The lack of real wood

Anyone who has followed the site for some time has noticed that a vast, vast majority of the projects are plywood. Some of that is because most of my projects to this point have been for the shop. I have put some hardwood edging or legs on the dining room projects, but nothing really that would be considered a real wood-based project. Perhaps it is time to explain why.

It frightens me.

Not in the way a shed full of hanging knives would frighten a young, naive character in a horror movie, but I’m reluctant to use it. There are so many variables with it, and there’s one huge variable with me: my shop temperature/humidity level. I don’t know that if I started on a huge project made up of mostly real wood that it wouldn’t be a disaster. The rustic table project went well, sure, but I have no idea how it is holding up these days. I know that my picnic table project is cupping badly, but most of that is due to it being 2×6 and being left outside. That was kinda predictable, really.

Dimensional lumber is fine, but what happens when it comes to a grand worth of walnut and cherry? Losing that would crush me, which is why I haven’t seriously considered it.

There’s no way around the fact that this has to change. I badly want a new dresser, and as much as the convenience of popping down to Ikea appeals to me, I want something that I made. I want that pride you don’t get from assembling flat pack furniture. I want to create hope chests for my kids before they go off on their own, and time, depressingly, is running out on me.

When I think about what a new shop would do for me, this is the number one thing. Not necessarily more space or more tools, but a conditioned space. A place where the wood can rest between milling, and not be subject to what the weather is outside.

All of this said, this is bound to change. It has to. I’ll be redoing the router table soon, and then doing at least one bookcase for the house. After that, I really do want to build my dresser. Might not be right after that,  but it is on the radar.

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