The last two months

I started off the year talking about renovating the shed, and turning it into a real workshop. Well I’m very happy to say it’s gone better than I expected. I started off by taking down the interior of the back wall, opposite of the entrance. It turned out to be cheap 1/4″ ply. I had been concerned about the construction of the shed, because I found no studs. Well when I took down the plywood I found that they attached horizontal stringers, most likely to help support the thin plywood. Those came down and behind it were studs and insulation in pretty good condition. In it’s place went three sheets of 7/16″ OSB, attached directly to the studs. Sorry, no real pictures here – it’s OSB.

I also started attaching a French cleat system. As it stands right now, I have one section of the cleats up to purely get stuff out of my way. More cleats will go up as the floor gets cleaned back up. The place is such a mess because so much came off that wall and had to go somewhere. If I had planned a bit better, I would have put some of the tools in tubs or the like to help me get around. At one point a couple of weeks ago, you could not get in the door.

I also in the last two weeks have disassembled the Ultimate Tool Stand I built. It’s an excellent idea for a garage, but for my situation it had a few drawbacks, mainly the size and the weight of it. It was impossible to take outside, and thus the mobility aspect of it was completely defeated. In it’s place was the first of the two cabinet sections that I discussed in the 1/1 post. The cabinet and the miter saw wing are approximately 5′ long, instead of 6′. Space is always a premium. The current status of it as of tonight is that the carcass of the cabinet is done, the back 1/4″ ply is on, and I added a 2×4 under to help stabilize it. What is left is to work out dust collection for the miter saw, and add eight drawers. I’ll be ordering the drawer hardware hopefully this week. This will probably be more drawers than I need, not even including the second cabinet along another wall, but I shouldn’t ever have to go back and add more once all this is done. I say that, and I’ll probably fill them up anyway.

I’ve built a few things for the cleat wall already. Some of them need a little refinement once I get farther along and I use them a few times, a couple of others are done as best I can do.

First thing I did was make a carrier/station for my Ryobi One+ charger and batteries. It’s a cabinet design with slide out shelves and after a slight design change, the charger sits on the side. This has worked extremely well so far, and has room to add up to three more battery slots for a total of nine. Until that happens though, the top of it stores my extra safety glasses and my radio. (The tools on top are currently on the floor)


I also made a random orbit sander station that holds the paper as well. This might get expanded, but we’ll see. Pretty much the same design as the charger station, but with dowels on each shelf to hold the paper and to help attach it securely on the sander.

Photobucket Photobucket

I also cobbled together a screwdriver holder, pliers holder, squeeze clamp holder and transferred a chisel and mallet holder I made previously and attached directly to that wall.

I made a new, more secure lawnmower cubby that is 100x better than it was before, made out of 2x4s half-lapped with the leftover OSB strips as the top (shop height is unfortunately only 7′). I’m still not sure where it will go, and if I’ll be able to use space behind it for sheet goods. To be determined.

I also finally bought a bandsaw, the Harbor Freight 14″ model. I wasn’t planning on buying it, but rather a used Delta, Jet or Ridgid. The ones I looked at weren’t anything to write home about, especially at the prices being asked. I also considered the Grizzly G0555P, but shipping and a price increase forced me to abandon that. The HF is a defacto clone of the Grizzly, minus a few creature comforts like a fence and roller guides. I’ve added a couple of things like cool blocks, and a ZC insert (which isn’t perfect, but I’ve got a plan). It’s worked well so far, and well worth the money I spent, which was half of the Grizzly. Plus a three year warranty and local return.


That’s about all for the updates, minus pictures of an extremely messy shop. The next little bit of work I have to do for the shop involves more cleanup, making a drawer or two and thinking about general layout.

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