The lathe stand – construction (Part One)

Nothing like jumping right in, and not putting anything off.

I picked up the boards this morning from Lowe’s, eleven in all. I picked the best ones I could, sorting through the pile. They fit easily in the SUV and I even got to grab some tasty Chick-fil-A breakfast while I was out.

I first cut the boards to the length required for the top. In an unusual move, I went to the #7 jointer instead of the power jointer to get the faces nice and flat. I never would have tried this before, and it worked pretty well. Lots of work, some sweat. Had to turn my heater off on this mid-40s day. The top then came together in clamps and was set aside.

The legs were the same, but I only worked the facing sides to save time. I paired these up and clamped all four assemblies at once. I took a break, and then worked the top side of the top with the jointer. I scraped the copious amount of glue off the leg assemblies and jointed the joints on each side.

Tomorrow hopefully will bring the legs to completion, running them through the power jointer to give square assemblies. I would also like to cut out the tenons on the legs, and assemble the base with Dominos. Sunday may bring the mortises and initial assembly.



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