The lathe stand – construction (part three)

I didn’t intend for this to become a mini series, but it has. The lathe stand is largely done after a fairly intense weekend.  Not a whole lot of pictures (just the one), and I’ll explain why.

I went into the shop on Sunday afternoon after lunch and immediately went to task on the remaining two mortises. After about thirty minutes, they were done and checked to depth. Once this was done I did a test fit of the leg tenons. At least, it was intended to be a test fit. The fit was pretty tight, and I thought it was going well. On one of the tenons it wouldn’t seat all the way. I flipped the table over and attempted to jump on it to no avail. I realized then that this test fit would be the final fit. I wanted to do drawbore dowels, but this wasn’t happening now. Trying to separate the top from the base would probably have meant destroying the base stretchers. I decided it wasn’t worth it, the weight of the lathe meant it wasn’t separating. Perhaps if vibrations loosen the connection, I’ll disassemble it and continue with the plan. The mortise locations are set back one row from the back, two rows from the front, giving me a bit of overhang to make drawer fronts that aren’t exposed to shavings.

With the stand back up on the MFT and again upside-down, I proceeded to fit the piece of plywood I cut. I had decided to make the lower portion of the sand a weight and vibration abatement area. The volume I calculate says it should be able to hold 100 pounds of sand, which should be plenty. There will also be a top to this area that serves as a shelf, and at least for now my grinder and my toolbox are sitting here. The structure has no problem supporting weight, that’s for sure. Even with the small gaps where the top doesn’t quite sit down for some reason, it’s completely fine. Back to the weight area – I cut the piece of ply down with the table saw, the first time I had used it in months, but it was the right tool for the job. I cut out the leg insets with the jigsaw, and checked the fit. Pretty good, so I applied glue and started to secure it with a plentiful amount of screws. I then noticed that the long stretchers had become separated from the legs – I was off on one cut by a couple of millimeters. Not wanting that, and with the glue already down, I decided to break a chisel out and give that area some attention. A couple of whacks with the mallet later, and with the help of a couple clamps, the gap had closed, and I finished securing the plywood.

I had not wanted to use mechanical fasteners, but oh well. I will grab some caulk from the store this week and make sure this area is good and sealed up in preparation for the sand. I’m hoping the plywood will take the weight. Otherwise, I have a plan to brace it up with another 2×4.

The drawer slides arrive today, and I hope to have a drawer done by the end of this weekend, perhaps both. Depends on how much ply I already have that I can put to the project. I didn’t take many pictures because the shop turned into a complete mess. When I was trying to move the lathe over to the new stand, I could barely move. I certainly couldn’t leave until it was done, because the door was blocked. I also need to pick up some longer lag screws to secure the lathe. I don’t think it needs bolts and nuts. I’ll grab all of that either today or tomorrow from the store.

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