The lathe stand – construction (part two)

Day two of the lathe build. Got probably a bit farther than I anticipated, but not done yet.

I used Domino 10mm loose tenons to connect the rails to the legs, and everything lined up really good. No mistakes in marking everything, which is a nice change of pace. The base went together without too much issue, although I realized a bit later I probably should have used more glue. I addressed that, probably a bit too messily, later.

The top, I squared the ends with the track saw. All the cuts went great, I just had to break the plane out to even out the cut on one side, since my TS55 wouldn’t come close to cutting through the whole thing. With the top cut to length (just a half inch shy of what I was aiming for), I put the base on the top and marked where the legs would go. I went for simplicity and marked it where I would cut out along the glue joint. With more simplicity, I cut the tenons by sawing one of the sistered boards for the legs an inch short and again using the glue joint.

Cutting the tenons went pretty easy. The mortises are a bit harder, but made a lot simpler with the help of a big forstner bit to hog out the waste. Two are done, and the other two have been drilled and just need to be hogged out. Have to see what Sunday brings, but there’s a good chance I’ll at least be able to get the stand in position and put the lathe on it, if not attached. Otherwise, I’ll do a little bit on Sunday and finish up when possible during the week.




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