The little green machine

So, about that green thing…

When I saw the chop saw station from NYW, I knew I wanted to make it. Only problem was, I didn’t own one. I had been using my dad’s Firestorm 10” saw, and it’s actually quite a good saw, from personal use and from reviews. It has it’s own stand, and a neat little table on the saw itself. The only problem was, it is impossible to make repeatable, accurate cuts on it because there’s no extendable fence or stop mechanism. It was quite an able saw, but I wanted my own, as any shop would.

I did a pretty good bit of research on it, and was fairly settled on picking up a 10” sliding miter saw from (again) Harbor Freight. A big sale, plus a big coupon made it pretty cheap. But when I decided to pull the trigger, they were out of stock, and when they got new stock sold it immediately. I was bummed. For a HF item, it had gotten pretty good reviews online. It was back to square one.

Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Since I take my kids to Build and Grow at Lowe’s (highly recommended, BTW) every other week, I get a good opportunity to check out the tools in the store. I looked them over, and the ones at Home Depot, and it was between the low-end Ryobi 10” and the Skil. But once I looked at reviews, I opened my mind to the Hitachi. A name I had not previously associated with power tools, I came to find they have quite a good reputation. A very nice set of reviews on Amazon (remember that) convinced me that it would be the one.

I went to the store on a Saturday and picked it up after a Build and Grow. Checked it out when I got home and it was true as can be. I was very happy. Did a couple of cuts on it and was pleased.

Wake up the next morning and check the email on my phone. Lo and behold, the deal of the day was the very same saw I purchased at Lowe’s the day before. Now some people might be really upset at this, but I knew what to do and ordered it right away. The saw from Amazon came, I went to Lowe’s and got a refund. I ended up saving about $30, and was even happier than I could imagine.

And if you’ve read the immediately preceding post, you know that it has a happy home. Albeit a rather larger one than I thought, but still happy. The box I made is going to take up a bit more room, but not nearly as much as what I made the first time around. It’s gotten good use, but the little bag is worthless, as on many miter saws. Hooking to the vacuum may produce better results.

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