The Long Hot Summer

Summer, the natural enemy of my shop. To be fair, it’s been an enemy on multiple fronts for me this year. The yard is a mess, portions of the house need some serious attention, and I just can’t be bothered to do much. The only time to really get things done is mornings, and any of those I have free I have been tending to my well being. Next week I’m going to attempt to get up even earlier during the week so I can get some things done outside before the temperature rises into the mid-80s by 10am.

Naturally, no attention at all has been given to the shop, inside or out. It also follows that no attempt has been made at starting on the new shop, which is looking like it will be delayed indefinitely. The will is there, but I’ve also been working on my financial well being, and don’t want to interrupt that anytime soon.

That’s not to say I don’t keep having ideas. I am considering building a MFT sysport, but I’ve been having trouble quantifying the benefits. I think I’m going to do it, but I don’t yet know exactly what it would hold. The idea would be a couple of systainers and a few Fastenal hardware drawers. I am considering switching to these hardware drawers if I can figure some storage out. I can get them fairly cheap. I am also constantly evaluating interior shop upgrades. I picked up a workshop storage special that Wood puts out every so often, and it had a great idea for a wall-mounted sharpening center. The workbench and storage they have on the cover looks real nice too.

The ideas are positively overflowing for house items though. I have in my mind ideas to improve LEGO storage, the master reach-in closet, the kids all need bed/storage improvements, I am still fine-tuning my office corner, and so on. So, while it has crossed my mind that selling it all would do wonders for my personal debt, I still have the ability and want to create things, so I shall. Putting the shop fund toward a truck is tempting, though.

I do have to turn my attention to obtaining the certification I worked so hard to graduate toward, so I can’t guarantee the faucet will be wide open again on content. Hopefully the study period for that will be mainly a refresher, since I did study the same material for my coursework.

I am hoping to have more content upcoming, and in a more consistent manner. I also am interested in doing more photography and perhaps video. Stopping to take shots isn’t something that comes naturally for me, so we’ll see. I do want to get my photography skills going a bit more, so I will try to make that happen.

I will have some content on the other side of the site as well, so if for some reason you dig my writing style you can get some bonus content by checking it out.

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