The mess

My wife made a comment to me the other day after I came in from being in the shop. I said I had been cleaning up, and she stated that it was all I did. She’s right. It seems like 80% of the time out there is some sort of cleanup or organization. I’ve been trying to address this as best I can, but it always seems like I’m moving something to get to something else. I’m hoping typing out what I feel needs to be addressed will give me a decent gameplan of how to fix that, and make a space where I do more work.

Front right corner:
I’m looking at two bins that have wood scrap stacked upon them. I need to go through that scrap and weed out what I don’t need. I need to take that top bin and find a home for all the cordless tools that are inside it. The bottom bin is household items, neither are a huge priority at this point. The wall scrap in this corner may be better served in the front left corner. Lots of wasted space over here under and around the table saw.

Front left corner:
A bit of a jumble right now. The router caddy is in the wrong spot for where the router table is, and interferes with the drill press. The tall cabinet I currently use for detailing supplies is not a long-term solution. I’d like to move everything in here to the wall cabinet I have built, but don’t know where it will go because I plan for a full width wall cabinet for tools and misc storage. More planning will have to be done about that. I’m considering incorporating the router table into a joint saw/router cabinet that would replace the mobile stand that the table saw came with. Another option would have it slide under the full width floor cabinets on the back wall. I could also incorporate the router into the floor cabinet itself, but that limits options for routing long stock. I don’t have a ton of router bits, and all my accessories don’t have to live in the current table. Hotdog air compressor can go virtually anywhere, but I would like somewhere close to the door so I could wheel it outside and have the air reel near where it stores to hook it up to.

Right wall:
As stated, the wall scrap may be best served on the opposite wall. Existing back wall cabinet may fit in front corner, but limits what I could feasibly put under it due to depth. Router/saw cabinet would probably not work. Jointer could go here, but would necessitate moving table saw for stock longer than infeed table. Window takes up middle portion of the wall, and future wall cabinet takes up back corner. Clamps do and will take up the small amount of real estate available.

Left wall:
Drill press, router table, bandsaw, planer and jointer take up this wall currently. Have to move planer (and DC cabinet it sits on) to get to jointer currently. Everything else is basically usable, but crowded. Elimination of router table would free up room for saw/router stand to slide over when routing. May need to consider eliminating dust separator cabinet and stow planer low under something. I like the height of the planer but I need to consider space here. Possibly could combine planer and router cabinet, but that presents problems of width and depth for router table. Router table is incomplete and due for revamp, so all possibilities are open. Jointer could feasibly tuck under floor cabinets, or move to front corners.

Back wall:
Jointer, floor, wall cabinets and sander currently reside, as well as french cleat system for hand tools. Need to revamp most of french cleat holders, so will probably eliminate in favor of cabinet storage. May use cleats somewhere else in a smaller capacity. Current floor cabinet gives very little room to right of miter saw. Very little dust collection for miter saw. Drawers in floor cabinet incomplete; ones that are done suck. Upper cabinet doesn’t have doors. Would like two wall cabinets with cubby storage in middle for power tools, miter saw in middle of wall and a better fence system.

Minor issues (stuff):
I can’t easily access my tool box. Needs to not sit behind the miter fence.
Need to make storage for drill bits near drill press so they don’t constantly sit on surfaces. Same goes for the drills themselves.
Sander – considering putting in drawer in cabinet as it’s light enough to lift up when needed (40#)
Clean out scrap bin under miter saw to fit more stuff in. Consider eliminating it when new cabinet is built (and where scrap would then go)
I wouldn’t mind a trash can instead of a bag lying on the floor, but I’m not sure where I would put it.
Will need to incorporate storage for my container boxes and new socket case. Probably will go into floor cabinet or new bench.

That’s what I can think of for now. Hopefully I’ll have a review up tonight of my new toy.

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