The New Shop – After Irma

Irma has come and gone (at least for now), and it’s time to see what it has wrought. As noted in my last entry, there were several gaps in the roof where I could not get tape (because I ran out). It was also time to see how all the various small indentions from the nails held up through the rain.

Well, thankfully there doesn’t seem to be any wind damage. All the panels held up just fine, perhaps in large part thanks to how reduced the storm was by the time it rolled through. A 33mph gust was the highest recorded right around us. There is a bit of water still on the vertical panels, right at the bottom where splashback happens. It’s something to be aware of in future rain events, and I may employ tape, drip edges, or something else to keep water from soaking up into the panels. My temporary door block did just fine.

The real story is the roof. I was expecting water to come through, and perhaps even more came in than I realized. I checked yesterday, but there wasn’t much light. Today, armed with a lantern and actually going up into the attic, I saw just how much water there was. The half of the attic floor towards the house is soaking wet, and it spilled over onto the floor below. There is some good drips on the far side, where the panels came together, but nowhere near what the house side was. Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be any leaks from the peak. That’s a relief, as I don’t know how I’m going to get to the peak right now.

So, I placed a box fan up in the attic right now as the rain is ending. I’m hoping to get the attic floor nice and dry and make sure there is no structural damage to the OSB. This will probably take a couple of days to get it completely dry. Thankfully, no rain is forecast for a week. I’ll allow the roof itself to get dry, so I can work on getting all these seams nice and taped up. Might even use extra and use layering.

I actually removed one of the small panels and replaced it because there wasn’t enough room to expand. I did go up on the ladder and put tape on about half the roof that faces the house. It got too dark to do any more, plus it was still a bit damp in the other spots.

So, yet again, the revised timeline I just made a week ago:

Sept 1 (close enough) – wall and rafter framing complete

Sept 15 – ceiling joists and wall sheathing started

Oct 1 – roof sheathing started

Oct 15 – roof complete

Nov 1 – Attic floor installed + wiring

Nov 15 – Insulation

Dec 1 – Siding install started

Dec 15 – Finishing touches


So, I am almost six weeks ahead of schedule thanks to one massive weekend. I do have to keep adding things as they come into focus. I need to buy/build a door before I can move anything inside, obviously. I need to felt and shingle the roof.

So, V3 of a schedule?

Sept 15 – roof sealed (temporarily)

Oct 1 – wiring started or windows and doors started

Oct 15 – Opposite of above

Nov 1 – felt and shingles started, seal in sides at roof

Nov 15 – Insulation

TBD – Siding

And that’s it for now. The siding doesn’t have to be put on until almost March 1, so I’ll leave it as a TBD. The biggest thing right now is to get it weatherproof, and primarily that consists of getting it dry. There is a gap between the roof trusses and the lower wall, which I will have to figure out. There needs to be some sort of gap filler, and I don’t know if that needs to be something along with trim, or just trim will do it.

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