The New Shop – Devil in the details

It’s very easy to concentrate on macros. They are easy to see, the easiest to account for, and often the first to be sorted out. But a shop doesn’t work, not one at this size, without sweating the details. As I am working to get things like internal wiring sorted out, it’s getting to be about the time to start figuring out where even the little things will go.

One of the great ways to do this is to look at what I have and imagine where it should go in the shop. I can also try to account for a little bit of future use going forward, but it really is all about the now. It’s important to think about these things when installing outlets that aren’t at a standard height, like for my air cleaner and TV/PC.

The easiest thing to sort out is the air cleaner. It needs to go almost to ceiling height, which thankfully in the new shop is indeed higher. I decided it would work best in an area that I didn’t need access to a lot and wouldn’t be in the way of tall materials. Pretty much along the same reasoning lines as the air conditioner, and it made sense to put the two together in the front right corner. As such, I wired up a low draw outlet high up on the wall to run both.

I am gaining some wall space by having the wood rack go in the attic, but losing some again by having three windows. Probably a bit of a draw, frankly. As such, I need to be smart with what goes up on the wall and where. I will also gain a little bit of space back by putting the finishes up there as well. Maybe. Haven’t quite decided fully on that one, I suppose it will depend on how much room I need. Going from seven feet to eight feet all around the shop does help immensely. I’ll be able to have actual cabinets in places like above the miter saw. I’ll be able to make a full-size hand tool cabinet above the workbench.

Aside from the wood on the wall, the thing that takes up the most room are my clamps. I have 20 parallel clamps, and multiple other kinds. To store them all, I lined them up side by side and it takes up an enormous amount of wall. Here is an example I made up in Sketchup.

You can see just how much wall space they take up. It works for this shop, but won’t in the new one. I didn’t want them to take up as much room in the new shop, so I decided to utilize the space between the door and the wall on the front of the shop. There’s right at three feet wide and eight feet tall to play with, so I decided to take inspiration from the internet and make a clamp rack that stacks a bit better.

should have a foot or so of space I can utilize here so that I can stack as many clamps as I need. I have twenty now, this design should allow for thirty. If I one day have more than that, I can find somewhere else to store some of the duplicates, like upstairs. Or perhaps on the opposite side of the door, at least the short ones.

As long as I have enough room, that should look and function very well. Should be able to make it out of around a half sheet of ply as well.

The TV and PC are going to go above the MFT. I don’t know if this is the best spot, but with an outlet installed I’m committed.  Probably going to do HDMI in the wall and keep the PC mounted lower down. Possibly.

You’ll notice the walls and floor here. I will most likely either do the same on the interior as the exterior, or use ply T1-11 and paint/stain. I’ll also have a laminate floor, something I’ve wanted for a long time. If nothing else, it will look nice. I’m hoping I can make some progress on one of those after I can verify the roof is sealed.

You’ll also notice the tool cabinet above the bench, it is a Fine Woodworking design. I’ll finally have room for it in the new shop with the taller walls and some room made up by moving some other things around.

Now, there is a few other things to sort out. I have a couple cabinets up in one corner. That I will have to sort out.

The biggest challenge is the sander. Everything else can find homes. That drawer has PPE, which needs to have dedicated, spider-proof storage. Most of that cabinet on the right can be divided among other storage.

This mess will probably stay temporarily until I can get a standard cabinet up or two. The open shelf system doesn’t really work for me. Some stuff can go into storage bins like the extra charging bases and the heat gun. Drawers and storage under the MFT will help with stuff like the sanding discs and vac bags. I wouldn’t mind a drawer or two here instead for stuff like the temp gun, moisture reader, dado gauge, etc. Temporarily though, this isn’t an issue as I have it accounted for.

The plane till will be rolled into the FW cabinet, as will the chisels most likely. The finish cabinet will be interesting – it may go upstairs, or up above the miter saw in a standard cabinet, depending on how much I need it. With all the extra insulation in the shop, I’m hoping I never have a need to bring it inside in winter.

There’s a couple of little things here like the hammer holder, clamp holder, and the thing below is an empty plier till. Little things like that will need homes in the new shop.

A closer look at the clamp rack that will be replaced. The MFT helper will transfer over just as it is, but I do need to make storage or room for the other clamps like the F-clamps at lower left, and pinch clamps at upper right. I think the two Festool rails I have will go above the door.

One of the last things I have planned is to redo the storage under my workbench. It’s hugely inefficient, and doesn’t quite fit. If I don’t change out my workbench first, it may be where I keep stuff like the hammers, pliers, etc. I’m torn between a roubo and a shaker style bench. Have to see what fits, though. More drawers are always welcome.

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