The New Shop – Fifty Weeks

In two weeks will be the one year anniversary of breaking ground. As such, I’m trying to be done by this arbitrary deadline. The last couple of weekends involved getting the upper wall siding installed. I bought new Z-channel that fits the siding thickness a bit better, and installed it on the front and back, removing the old stuff from the front. It went up with some spare off white bathroom caulk – really just needed some sort of adhesive that could stand up to water.

I really had to guess on the angles at the roof, as I did some massaging to the width of the roof rafters to not have so much overhang. It did not go well, with a couple inch gap in places. The grooves in the siding do match up pretty well to the ones at the bottom, though. Thankfully, the plan is to use trim up around the roof, so it will be pretty well covered if I can get the angles to be right.

I don’t know how much will be done by the time the one year anniversary comes around, because I know it won’t be completely done. But the attempt will be made. PVC trim on the outside, a bit more insulation and a fake wall on the inside. Only expense needed is the trim. Thanks to my dad for letting me borrow the ridiculously tall 24′ ladder. It’s almost too tall for this.

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