The New Shop – Initial Thoughts, Things to Do

A random scattering of impressions after only a day or so of all the tools being in the shop.

I wish I could have made it bigger, but know I couldn’t have. It was so much more spacious without the tools in, obviously. But my new layout should work pretty well with leaving the lathe, vacuum, and wood storage out. I can move the router table between the bench and systainer wall. I can access the full length of the workbench, including the tail vise.

The floor is level, which is so huge. None of the drawers I have fly open or closed. The router table doesn’t wander off. I should have room to move things around as needed as well. I love having more windows for light and breeze.

I do have some projects on my agenda now already though. The water entry at the door made it swell a little and I need to adjust the fit again, as I can’t use the deadbolt. The floor looks awful from the wet dirt, and will need another sand. I need to put in insulation and the ceiling so the lights can be raised and air cleaner installed. The roof still needs to be addressed of course. The attic stairs need to go in, and the attic insulated. The outside panels need to be installed.

The hand tool cabinet is now a thing again, as I have more height and width to work with. That’s a fairly involved project, and I’ll need to get my machines dialed in again. I’ll need to build a new miter saw station at some point, with more spots for systainers/drawers. I’ll want actual cabinets up on that wall to better store some things, plus a dust hood for the miter saw. Again, more room above to work with. I think I may switch to a conventional planer stand, but we’ll see. I’d like to make an MFT syscart. I’d like one day to upgrade my workbench to perhaps a shaker style.

I need better storage for little things, like my Incra rules, my tape measures, my hammers, and pliers.

I’m very happy so far though, and it will be fun trying new things out. I’ll also have some long term projects like to build a deck out front and a replacement shed – to hold the wood and outdoor tools.

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