The New Shop – Little by Little

The first project in the shop is done – The Stacked Clamp Rack – and I can continue to do all the little tedious things that lead toward the shop being done.

The clamp rack being installed was an obvious step, because the parallel clamps were a big piece outstanding to move over. Plus, it allowed me to confirm the drill press and bandsaw would fit in their spots. Not only did the parallel clamps find a home, but the Bessey squeeze clamps, the cheap squeeze clamps, the 90 degree clamps all did as well. I also brought over the F-clamps and their rack to install under it. It’s actually a parallel clamp rack that I grew out of.

I also then had room for the first aid kit, which is always either near or on the door.

I decided I could bring over the remaining portion of the old chaos wall and if I raised it up, could attach to the other upper miter saw storage cabinets. It leaves room for my extra systainer, which is now a personal protection holder.

I’m pretty sure I will redo the entire miter saw station and storage at some point, but this should actually work for awhile, as long as I use the storage effectively.

I got the air cleaner up in about the spot I want, subject to change when the ceiling goes in. This left room for the air hose reel to go up in a spot where I could reach it without moving the table saw. To allow for the air compressor to go upstairs, I had to remove the stock drain valve and I’m using an air hose extension to come down to the first level. I have a ball valve on he end of the hose to easily drain the moisture.

The remaining things to bring over to the new shop is pretty low at this point, and it’s all little things. Hammers, pliers, stuff like that. Things I’m trying to nail down exactly where they should go before I start putting holes in the wall.

As far as the shop itself, there are some bigger things to do. Felt and shingle the roof, finish the exterior panels and trim. Insulate the ceiling and attic. We had another rain event on Monday; hard, heavy rain. The temporary drip edges I put in place did very well, but more rain is coming through the doors. I did discover a fix that I hope to have in place before it rains again.

I (at least temporarily) put up the finish cabinet above the workbench, and I can’t say I’m in love with where it is. I may put it above the miter saw instead, but there might be a clearance issue with the lights until the ceiling gets installed. I also hung the Festool rails above the door.

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