The New Shop – Mid-December Update

I am currently in a holding pattern. I am waiting for the roof to be done, which is seemingly just waiting on the weather to have the right combination of temperature and precipitation. Basically, dry and above 50F. We’ve not been able to get that combo lately. If it’s warm, it’s raining. Dry, it’s cold. Last week on Friday it snowed nearly a foot. There is still snow on the ground today, which is an extremely rare thing a week later.

There is a minor amount of insulation to be done on the roof, which will be done after the roof is complete. I still need to build stud walls for the attic sides, which will then take insulation themselves. One wall will have my wood rack installed. I have to buy 2x4s for a stage play project this weekend, I’ll just grab a few more and start on making at least the wall for the wood rack. Then I can put the insulation in. I’ll end up using the 2×6 insulation if I need to. Just something to cut the wind, it doesn’t have to keep the space that warm.

The final thing will be to finish the exterior panels and trim. This will be done in a couple or more stages as I can get the full 4×8 panels home. Figure one side at a time would be a good plan, which is three or four panels depending on the side. The actual sides need three, the back needs four or maybe even five, the front needs three or four. Then, trim, but that will be fairly easy. Then, paint. Or I might paint the panels before I put them up for ease. I’ve picked the color, and I think a gallon will do it.

I don’t have a timeline for any of this to get done. I probably won’t be buying any new panels until after the new year, or at least until after Christmas. I’m hoping to have everything wrapped up in early February though.

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