The New Shop – More base, more trouble

Work continues on getting the foundation prepped for the floor joists. Now I’m in the really tedious part, checking, adjusting, checking again, etc.

The rearmost beam is pretty much perfect, being level in both directions. As such, I’m using that one as reference for the other two. I had planned on using more pressure treated lumber and stone to bring everything in plane, but I went with the more versatile solid concrete block. These are 16x8x4 (inches), and stackable. I need one level of them for the middle beam, but it still needs to come up about an inch on the front side. I had planned to use a double stack on the left beam, but unfortunately that is still not quite enough at the front of the shop. So, I’ll have to use two for the rear two, and three for the front two. Construction adhesive will hold the blocks together, and I’ll be driving rebar next to the blocks to keep them from shifting (at all, hopefully).

I figure I might need another day or so to get the base perfect and ready to go for the floor joists. I’ll pick all those up at once, because I’ll have to cut all but two down to size and paint the ends.

I did head outside just for a minute to offload my latest round of block purchases, and it seems I’m really in-between as far as that goes. I might have to remove a block (and go back down to two) or remove stone to get it in plane. It’s hard to tell sometimes with the mason line and level exactly where I need to be. The line tends to loosen up a bit, and the level weighs it down. Like I said, this is the real tedious part. The middle beam will be extremely easy to get in plane.

I ordered some PT sealer, and it will be here Sunday. If I can get the base done by then, I can go ahead and pick up my floor joists, cut them, and at least prep those cut ends.

Then it’s game on. Some of the timeline will depend on funds availability, but I have decided on my roof style, and know how to pretty much construct the rest of the building, and could do it pretty quickly, even by myself.

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