The New Shop – Moving On Up

If you start a ball rolling down hill, it may start slowly, but it will continually pick up momentum and start travelling at great speed. Much like the shop move has been to this point.

With the drill press, band saw, and jointer moved over, it was time to start thinking about the big stuff. I thought for sure I was going to need to schedule a helping hand, but decided to start seeing what I could do regardless.

The left wall was the obvious place to start, as it needed to be done before the table saw and router table. I needed to clear out the upper part of storage first, so here is that done. I moved that piece over to the new shop and cleared out the counter and moved all the systainers over.

The bottom part of this is very heavy. I had my doubts I could get it done, but with some trial and error with the hand truck, I was able to get it done. I put one end of it on the lip of a standing hand truck, then went to the other side and leveraged the weight to tip the hand truck back slightly and use it like another walking human. Here it is tipped up and into the shop ready to come back horizontal.

Side note, there are a ton of spiders and spider egg sacs I’m finding underneath stuff, so I’m trying to be good and clean them off so I can be a bit more alone in the new shop. I got the bottom and top back in place, and at least the systainers in place. I’m filling the top back up as I go.

The whole thing needs to be rebuilt, but I’ll address that in a different post about all the things I’m finding. In that void above in the old shop, this is what was here, the mortiser and the miter saw vac.

The vac won’t be needed in the new shop (I don’t think) and the mortiser will find some sort of new home eventually. It may go back in that little space for the time being though.

The planer coming over was easy, thanks to two fixed wheels.

Then  it was time for the workbench. This was the one I was worried about, but some tests showed I could lift it adequately, so if I could put down scrap plywood or OSB across the dirt between the shops, I could at least get it to that point.

Here it is in the new shop, in its new layout. I finally gain unfettered access to the entire front and the tail vise. No more moving the router table out of the way to get a drawer open or access the socket case. Getting it lifted up into the shop was fairly easy all things considered. There would be tougher challenges to come.

The table saw joins the proceedings…

…however I’m stymied again by the very poor design of this jointer. It takes up room in all the wrong places. This means the table saw sticks out into the walkway about six inches or more than I planned.

I didn’t take any pictures of the router table or miter saw coming over, but the router table was a royal pain in the ass. If the band saw didn’t fall on me, it would have been the worst. The independent wheels made it move all over the place, and the drawers kept flying open on the sloped yard. Getting it up into the shop also required to make another ramp, but this time I didn’t get on it and it worked okay. The miter saw was brought over and I measured the heights at which the supports were attached to the wall. Unfortunately they were the exact height of the protective plates over the wires. Boo. But thanks to those plates, I didn’t screw into the wires within the studs or anywhere else at about that height.

About this time I took a picture of the old shop.

I can’t guarantee the camera here is perfectly level, but it does show just how bad things had gotten with the level. The shop is high at the door side and low at the back side as pictured. The left side of the shop is also lower than the right, so everything drifted toward that corner where the wood is right now. I’m so happy I have a level shop for the first time.

Here’s this pic again. Almost that entire back wall is open for storage use, and I will have to figure out ideas of what to put there. Because the wall wood rack isn’t being stored in here (at least on the ground floor), it opened up a little bit of room to work with. I did bring the plane till over tonight, and I already know I’ll be building a true hand tool cabinet at some point soon.

This is higher up on the wall than it was in the old shop, but I still have more room above to put something. Such is the advantage of eight foot ceilings vs seven foot. It’s 136 cubic feet more in the same footprint.

The next couple of days will see me bringing over more small things that can go in existing storage, plus probably the other half of the miter saw station. Up next on the site will be a first thoughts on the new shop thread, plus a sign-off list of things I think I’ll need to do or address in the first six months or so.




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