The New Shop – Odds and Ends 1

Work continues on the new shop, just at a bit slower pace. My job is not in jeopardy, so no worries there. I’m just at a stage where I am doing some tedious tasks, plus waiting on the rain to one day come. Seriously, no rain in over two weeks. Not a drop. Figures.

I’ve been slowly getting the wiring complete on the ground floor by working on the high draw circuit. In the same manner as the other one, I’ve worked my way around the shop from the right front corner around to where it comes in. By this point I have all of the outlets installed on the ground floor. I also have the second power inlet and cover installed to the building, but not yet hooked up to the internal wiring. I still need to run two lines up to the attic for the compressor and an always hot outlet. I also need to redo the light switch and make it so that two switches can go up – one for the lights I already wired and one for the dust extractor.

To get up to the attic a little better, I went ahead and cut out the attic stair hole with the reciprocating saw, and trimmed it with the OF1400 and the flush bit. I had planned on doing this after I wired up an outlet up there, but simply plugged into one of the light outlets to get it done. It was a much more pleasant experience than using the Ryobi trim router.

I have also been doing some shopping in relation to the upcoming phases of the project. Specifically, the floor, insulation, wall coverings, and lighting are all going to be coming up soon. I think I’m going with a 5000k linkable LED light I found on Amazon, I can get two for $70. It’s not going to be cheap to outfit everything fully, but still cheaper than buying locally. Comparable four foot lights here are $80 each.

I think I’ll be going with some standard 93″ batts of R-13. I should need three bags to completely do the ground floor. Haven’t quite decided on what the walls will do, but I have an idea. The floor is going to be plywood, cut to look like hardwood flooring. It’s a look I’ve been wanting for awhile. Will be cheaper and more durable than going with vinyl or laminate.

On Friday, something I won on Instagram showed up. It is a temporary work light from Southwire Tools, and boy is it bright. 8200 lumens, and I have it hanging from as close to the middle of my ceiling as I can get. It will work just dang fine until the permanent lights go in. Each one of the lights I ordered are 4k lumen, so we’ll see how many I’ll actually need. No shadows is the goal, and I’m happy with the color.

I also for the limited amount of time I had in the shop this afternoon got a bit more work done on the wiring. I replaced the single light switch with a combined box that a separate switch will control the dust extractor.

I need to secure the wiring in a couple of spots, but the low draw circuit is now done. I also started running the two outlets I’ll need upstairs for the high draw circuit, and that means all the wiring should be complete by tomorrow. Getting that double switch box all wired up with one supply wire was a huge hassle, and I won’t be doing that again. In reality there’s only about thirty minutes worth of wiring left to do, and that seems a bit surreal to be close to a major milestone.

On another note, my poor left thumb got in the way yet again trying to get that box nailed in.


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