The New Shop – Sore on the Floor

A little bit of a combination post tonight. I finished up the electrical completely Saturday morning. I got the last two outlets upstairs wired and covered, the junction box downstairs connected, and the outside outlet hooked up. The workshop is live and ready to go. Milestone accomplished.

I had been thinking about what to do for the floor since I had put down the subfloor. I wanted something nicer than what I’ve always had in the old shop, which is either MDF or hardboard on top of the subfloor. There’s also a big hole that wore down in probably the worst spot for it in front of the miter saw. I knew I wanted something over the subfloor, and had been thinking about laminate or vinyl. But with the expense of them, even with the cheapest option and underlayment, it would still be around $2 sqft or more.

I decided to try 1/2″ sanded plywood instead. I could cut it into planks just like other flooring, and get both the desired look and good functionality. So, I bought five sheets from Lowes, and with tax and a gallon of finish I’ll be right around $1 sqft. I cut them in half with the track saw, to make them more manageable. Then I ripped them on the table saw to 6″ wide. I think I ended up with 70 full size pieces, and 10 pieces that are just a bit more narrow. Those pieces can be used when I get to the outside edges.

I marked the center line of the shop from front to back, and started my first row to the right of this line – so the shadow of the light would not obscure it. I used my Incra rule to offset each row by 6″, and secured the planks with 1″ 18ga brads.

I started by going all the way to the right wall, with a gap that I’ll have to rip boards down to fill. I cut down boards on the miter saw to fill where full length boards wouldn’t fit. When I got to the end of the full width would work on the right, I shifted and did the same on the left side.

I did receive my loot from the Instagram giveaway I won, and it really is a fantastic light. Lights up the entire bottom floor, and will work excellently in the attic if I choose it for there. Or wherever I choose.

On Sunday I transferred my main extension cord over to the new shop, at least temporarily. I’ll have to switch it back occasionally for table saw use, etc.

I ripped down some spare pieces of the flooring to fill the gaps at either side of the shop and secured it with more brads. The floor was then complete. I brought the first tool into the shop, the MFT and the CT vac.

The reason for this was so that I could more easily sand the floor in preparation for a finish. I chose a matte poly that is quick drying. I covered the entire floor with one coat, and I may add another or two. I did hit the entrance with another coat right off the bat. My main goal here is to provide just a touch of protection, it doesn’t have to be a ton. This floor is meant to be replaceable if needed.

It was a good weekend. Might not be a lot of progress over the next week or so, but the next steps are probably going to be insulation and interior wall coverings of some sort. I’m really anxious to start moving more stuff in, but I’m also still worried about the roof.

I did some cleaning in the old shop in preparation of getting more things moved over. I think something I’ll end up doing is trading a tool or two for all the scrap Zip wall in the new shop.

V3 of the schedule had me completing the roof repairs on 9/15. That’s been long done. October 1 was windows and door or wiring started. That is today, and both are done when Oct 15 was the completion date for the balance of those. November 1 was roof felt started and the gap between the sides and roof., and November 15 was insulation.

Things are progressing well. Just some more steps to go.

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