The New Shop – Status Report

I did my last sort of status report post back on July 16. With eight or nine of the roof rafters in place I thought it might be a good time to look at my progress from the planned schedule set forth in that post.

To save a click, here it is:

Sept 1 – roof joists complete

Sept 15 – begin walls

Sept 30 – begin roof or wall covering

Oct 15 – attic floor

Oct 30 – Wiring

Nov 15 – Insulation

Dec 1 – Move-in begins

I was a bit vague in what these things meant, but even at my most basic I feel like I’m ahead of schedule. I finished the roof joists (or rafters) by August 28, right on schedule (ignoring that one is broken now). I didn’t expect that I would have gotten the itch to build the walls so soon after. The wall framing was done on September 2, a full two weeks ahead of schedule.

Now, here’s where things get a little bit tricky going forward. Next up I’m going to be putting in the ceiling joists, which compromise the bones of the attic floor. Actually making it a floor will probably come later though. I will be starting on the wall coverings ahead of schedule now that I’ve found product that can be left uncovered for up to six months in the weather – Zip System. I might begin that this weekend if funds allow, or it might be the weekend of the 16th – either way again I will be about two weeks or more ahead of schedule. What the schedule doesn’t say though is the two weeks (or one pay period) I’d need to also sheathe the roof. Or buy shingles, or anything like that. So, what I need to do now is revise the schedule entirely to take into account what these things actually cost and the impact to my budget needs.

Sept 1 (close enough) – wall and rafter framing complete

Sept 15 – ceiling joists and wall sheathing started

Oct 1 – roof sheathing started

Oct 15 – roof complete

Nov 1 – Attic floor installed + wiring

Nov 15 – Insulation

Dec 1 – Siding install started

Dec 15 – Finishing touches

So, while I’m ahead by two weeks right now, I neglected some tasks or oversimplified them. I should be moving in by Christmas still. One of the aspects of this I have to plan around is weather, and time to finish things. I’d love to go ahead and put a roof up, but it’s multiple stages pretty close together and a not-insignificant amount of money to do so. If I go cheaper and use OSB, I need to be ready to cover almost immediately. That’s why I’ll sheathe the walls and get the end gambrel assemblies done before that. Means I can’t work in a dry environment for longer, but that’s what it is.

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