The New Shop – The move-in checklist

As evidenced by my multiple revisions to the timeline, there have been items that I have not taken into account or have forgotten about. I’m making this list/post as both a status update and a reminder of things I have to do.

  • Entry door
  • Windows
  • Seal gap between walls and roof
  • Attic ladder
  • Floor
  • Wiring/outlets/inlets
  • Insulation
  • Interior walls

Can be completed after move-in

  • Shingles
  • Exterior walls/trim
  • Entry ramp

I got up on the ladder today and got 95% of the roof issues addressed, best that I can tell. The box fan has also adequately dried out the attic floor, and I’m awaiting the next rain event to see if there’s anything else I need to address. In all likelihood, I will have to do the roof shingles before I move all my stuff in. I’m not sure the Zip sheathing will actually last the six months it is rated for as I’ve already seen some breakdown due to water.

The door is obvious to keep someone from stealing my stuff, and large critters from getting in. Once I can be assured that weather isn’t getting in, I can start planning the move in. I would like to have the floor complete before I move anything in, as well as the electrical. The insulation and interior walls can be worked around to some extent. Before I can move everything in the attic stairs has to be done, because my ladder to get up there is where the jointer and table saw will be.

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