The New Shop – The Punch List

A few weeks ago the roof finally got completed. I hired out the process and it cost just under $1500. My MIL graciously offered to pay for it in exchange for some yard and exterior house work that will be coming up soon. The crew was a two-man operation and they had it done in about three hours and it looks great.

With that completed, it’s time to look at the punch list and see what all needs to be done to consider the building portion of this project finished. I will then make a separate entry with some things I would like to accomplish as far as functionality goes.

The most obvious thing that needs to be done is button up the exterior. I need a dozen or so more panels to completely cover the exterior, in addition to more Z-channel flashing on the tall sides. I don’t think any of it will be particularly easy, but getting a proper cutout for the windows and installing the upper walls will be a challenge.

After the panels is all the trim pieces. Corners, transitions, etc. These are fairly simple and won’t take a lot of time. Then I’ll need to caulk/fill the nail head holes on everything and paint. I already have my color picked out.

Moving inside, the windows need trim to cover the foam insulation. I also need some trim around the edge of the ceiling, and perhaps around the attic door. I need to replace a couple of the ceiling outlet covers with wider ones.

That’s really all that comes to mind at the moment. I may add small tasks to the list, but I’m hoping that construction will be complete within a month or so. Depending on finances to buy the exterior panels. It will be a shame whenever we move, as I am completely loving working in my new space.

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