The New Shop – The Walls Are Closing In

The original plan for putting up walls was to wait until the weekend, but a string of nice dry days and a potential hurricane approaching made me rethink things. On Wednesday, during lunch, I went and picked up 13 sheets of green Zip system OSB sheathing and two rolls of their Zip tape. Walls were a go.

After work Wednesday, I started installing them. Trying to do this by myself would be challenging, but I figured something out that would help out. I cut up a couple pieces of scrap 3/4″ plywood and installed two screws. These would serve as my ledger boards. I would leapfrog them around the outside of the building when needed for the panel to rest on while I started nailing it on. I decided that the end of the sheathing would just overlap the plywood subfloor.

I started with the house-facing wall and got all three panels up without a whole lot of difficulty. I paid extra attention to the first one, to make sure it made the wall nice and square. My daughters helped push the wall just the little amount it needed for that. The second panel butted right up to the first and that one was pretty easy. I did have to break out the clamps to get the panel tight up against the wall at the top. The third one I tried to nail it differently to start, but it was angled away from the second panel. I had to remove a couple of nails, adjust, and put it back up. I did make a few mistakes of putting nails in to empty cavities, and I’ll have to cut those off. I was really pleased how well the wall went up, and how well the ledgers worked. I attached extra nails at the bottom of the window rough openings as well.

Before night fell, I got the two panels on the front of the shop done as well. There’s a little bit of overlap into the door rough opening, which is fine. I’ll use scrap to cover the cripples and header to finish off that wall, and maybe some extra below the door.

Thursday evening I was able to get the rest of the walls up and secured, and some of the Zip tape on some seams. The tape is easy to use, and I think seals well. I really won’t know for a long time if ever that it would leak. I have about thirty minutes or so of taping left to go, including taping some wandering nailing attempts.

I did realize I need to give my rough openings a bit more attention. I had to add trimmers to either side of the windows to get closer to the needed rough opening. I also measured the jack studs on the door correctly, but forgot to account for the bottom plate being cut off. So, I went ahead and cut that out and attached it to the bottom of the header. Could have been done differently, but I don’t think it will make a difference in the long run.

I started writing this post on Thursday, and by the time I got around to uploading pictures to the site so much changed. I thought it best to go ahead and post this, and quickly start getting caught up with everything that happened over the weekend.

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