The New Shop – Walls in, transition begins

That escalated quickly.

Before I could even publish a post about a transition plan, I started the transition. Things are moving fast, and I have to be careful of not letting it go too fast, or I could get into trouble. Like I did tonight.

Over the last couple of days I worked when I could and got the remaining insulation in. Over the door was the last spot, and had to remove the panel on the left of the door to make sure I shoved some insulation in one little spot.

I also mixed in the remaining panel installation as well. For the most part, the panels weren’t that big of a deal. The holes for the outlets were a pain, and more than once I screwed up and made them too big. Particularly on the wall in the above pic, the switches and junction boxes. I had to buy oversize plates to cover my mistakes, and the double switch plate I bought barely does that.

The part here above the door is the last bit of wall to go up. On the panels with the windows, I drilled a hole big enough for the router bit to fit in, and used the OF1400 to flush trim it out Made a gigantic mess, but did the job very well.

The plan was to make a clamp rack before bringing anything over, but of course I got excited and jumped the gun a bit. I borrowed a hand truck and hooked up the drill press. I had a little bit of a scare at the end of the old shop ramp when it shifted a bit, but otherwise it wasn’t an issue. I made a temporary ramp out of dimensional lumber and 3/4″ OSB, and it came up that fine.  The bandsaw was a different story. More secure coming out of the old shop, disaster struck trying to come up the temp ramp. The OSB shifted and slipped with my weight, and I fell. The bandsaw started coming down on top of me, but somehow I was able to keep it off me. I am stronger than I look, which saved my butt big time. I was able to get the saw back up vertically and then stand up myself. I then ditched the ramp and used the leverage of the hand truck to get it into the entrance. I legitimately almost hurt myself very badly, and the only thing I came away with was a bit of a charley horse.

With the spacing pretty much set, I could bring over the MFT clamp rack.

The last thing for the evening was the jointer.

Before I started moving everything over I did do quite a lot of sweeping and picking up getting ready. Before I move anything else I’ll put the remaining insulation up for storage in the attic. I also do want to get on that clamp rack so I can see just how much room I have between the bandsaw and drill press and MFT. It was so nice just actually plugging these tools in vs trying to run extension cords and power strips. The time and money I spent putting the outlets in is going to pay off a thousand-fold. I’m so happy thus far.

Over the next little bit it is going to be a move-in process. Make a clamp rack, move the workbench and hand tools over, move the miter saw and systainer wall, move the router table and table saw. I’m so, so excited about the next few steps. I’ll have to rebuild the miter saw wall at some point, but not for a bit.

The old shop is already starting to look empty.

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