The New Shop – Warm it up Chris

I’m about to.

Well, I’m in the process of doing that. I have good insulation in the floor and the walls, and now it’s the ceiling’s turn. I still have that gap between the walls and roof on the sides of the building, and putting up insulation will be a good first step.

I bought two rolls of R-19 2×6 insulation, sized to fit within my 16″OC cavities. Working with the rolls was a little bit of a pain at times, but with the help of the hammer stapler. There’s really not much to say about what happened with the insulation, except that I tried to fill the gap at the sides as best I could by cutting the pieces longer. With the extra bag of the R-19 batts I bought for the floor on hand, I was able to supplement what the two rolls didn’t cover. I still have at least three batts on hand that I’m not sure I’m going to do with except throw away.

So, the ceiling is done except for one little space above the air cleaner that I didn’t staple in because of the dust hose. Lowe’s also had a sale on roll R-13 this weekend, so I bought six rolls for the attic. I still have four batts of R-13 left from the walls that will help supplement, so I may be able to return a roll. We’ll see. I have the rafters to fill, plus the ends, which will need cavities created there.

I’m not sure if I will get insulation done in the attic or I will get the ceiling up first. Putting in the attic stairs will do a lot to keep the lower floor warmer by eliminating the giant hole. The heater is struggling trying to heat both floors when so much heat can still escape through the attic.

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