The New Shop – Warm, Well lit…and dry?

Winter may be coming, but the rain is here. First though, the last week or so recap.

The only thing during the week that happened is that my permanent lights came, at least the first batch. These are ones I found on Amazon, 5000K, 4000 lumens each, 4′, LED, came in a pack of two. They aren’t exactly perfect, but I think they’ll work well. I have them temporarily installed on chains in the middle of the shop until I get a ceiling installed. Then I will mount directly and order either two or four more lights depending on how much light I think I need. Hopefully they will still be stocked when that happens. The two lights were $70 for the pair, and are rated for 50k hours. The temp light will likely go upstairs for a lack of a better spot, even though the lights in the old shop would work much better and be more appropriate. Hmm…

With the rain scheduled to be an all day affair on Sunday, I thought Saturday would be a good opportunity to grab the interior wall panels I needed to make moving in a reality. But first, I had to install insulation. I picked up three bags of batts, with 11 each inside. I need nine per full wall, and only about six on the door wall. That is the perfect amount.

I started by installing the full batt cavities to get my feet wet.

The height on the window cavities was such that the amount I cut off came right to where the wire would enter the cavity, so I put the extra in the next cavity and would fill them later.

Before I went any farther I had to coach a soccer match, and while I was out picked up protection for my wires, plus some extra T50 staples to secure the insulation.

My parents very nicely were available to help me get the interior wall panels from the store, and right before I left to meet them I got the left wall completed.

I’m taking a chance and going with 11/32″ plywood siding panels, as I like the look better than OSB, and the price is roughly the same although they are slightly thinner. While getting the insulation fit into the cavities around the outlet boxes was fairly easy, the panels were another story. While using the drill to mark out the edge of the holes I inadvertently drilled into the outlet.

Eventually though I did get all three of the holes on this first panel really nice. I then got the TV and monitor installed. Hmm, I wonder why I chose this panel first…

I left things Saturday night with about ten or so cavities to fill with insulation and just the one wall panel up.

Sunday morning I woke up to pouring rain. The last rain we got was Irma, now we get rain from Nate. It’s been a weird summer/fall. I went out to the shop to see what the rain had done so far. The first thing I noticed was that the entrance floor was wet. The water was coming in through the exterior panels I had put up. I have neglected to put in a Z-channel, so I should have expected that. The other thing I noticed was that the floor was wet near the windows. Oh no, I thought, a repeat of before. But no, the rain this time was coming in through the window itself. What it turned out to be was the rain wicking back along the roof rafters into the shop. A drip edge will solve this.

The real question was what about the roof. Well, I went upstairs and only found one spot where a few drops had come in. A great success. I marked that spot inside the shop to put a little more tape on when it stops raining. I’ll keep monitoring it for the next couple of days to see if there are any other spots, but I’m very pleased about that part. Later though a few more started dripping, but again a real roof will solve this problem. The amount of water upstairs wasn’t any real concern, the water coming through the windows was a bigger deal.

Unfortunately, my floor took a good bit of superficial damage. A few wet spots around the door and windows, plus a lot of dirt and mud being tracked in. I should be able to fix this fairly easily with the sander, but I have to come up with a long-term solution.

I did get some work done around worrying about the outside. I put up five panels (have to trim the last one), and several more batts into cavities. Trying to cut around the outlets is tedious, and I can’t fit new panels at night because I have to cut power to safely get them in. So I’ll likely try to get one or two panels in a day over the next couple during lunch breaks and etc. I have five panels and three cavities to go. Plus above the door, which might be several smaller pieces to save buying another full panel.

I may also, as it allows, bring more small things over to the new shop. A prime example would be my MFT clamp rack, as it does me no good to stay in the old shop. Once the other door-side panel is done I may build my new clamp rack too. These things aren’t in the path of any water, too. I could also bring the workbench over, but that will require a good bit of assistance.

Things are progressing pretty well, even with the waterworks.

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