The New Shop – Weekend Update

This will be a post made in two parts: this first part is written Saturday night and will continue Sunday night and be posted when complete.

It’s been a few days since my last post with progress updates, and a few things have been accomplished. I settled on my choice of inlets and ordered them from Amazon. They were set to arrive on Saturday, so I had some work to do if I wanted to install at least one then. I started out by getting the AC/air cleaner outlet wired up on the right wall, and proceeded to wire all of the low draw outlets along the right and back walls. I had been thinking about where to put the TV and PC, and decided above the MFT. So, I ran a higher outlet up on the wall there and continued on to the door. There, I wired a light switch.

I am going to be using plug-in lights again, and ran a lighting circuit up the wall and through the ceiling joists. I have three outlets spaced equally along the left side of the ceiling. These will allow three runs of lights from left to right and should provide adequate lighting. Since there are two receptacles on each outlet, I can always double up the lights if needed. Or hard-wire in replacements.

To run the lighting run, I had to finish the ceiling. I left out a joist to put the attic ladder in, and had to add that joist in so the wiring run could be completed properly. I again used a 22 degree cut on the ends and roughed in a 25×54 opening for a 375-lb capacity Werner ladder to go in. It was a little tough trying to get everything lined up in my head as to where things needed to go, but eventually I decided to wing it and let things happen as they may. I think it will be alright.

With the ladder roughed in (but not yet bought), I was able to complete the light run. I installed another box on the front wall to serve as a junction box, and left a lead for the inlet to hook into. As luck would have it, right at that moment the inlets arrived. I did a quick test to see if it would work, as I bought a double box that wouldn’t end up working.

When I returned from a soccer game, I exchanged my boxes and installed one of the inlets at the side of the workshop. I had planned on it being on the front, but it simply stuck out too far. I used a deep metal box, plus an in-use cover and installed the inlet in one of the plastic round templates. The whole process couldn’t have been easier, and I think it’s going to work out very well.

On Sunday, I got started way later than I anticipated, so the only thing I really got done was a bit of cleaning. I picked up some tools that were laying around, and did some sweeping. I installed the outlet covers on the circuit that is live, and started installing the outlets on the high draw circuit. I got about half of them done. No real pictures for this, it wasn’t that exciting.


So, the next little bit is going to be boring. It still isn’t forecast to rain for a week, thus I’m reluctant to bring anything in at all. I will continue to wire the high draw outlets, and will extend the line up into the attic. Or maybe two or three lines, because I want to have the dust extractor and compressor run off switches. Spending will definitely be curtailed for a bit. At least that’s the hope. I have two work meetings this week that could go pretty poorly pretty quickly, and there’s nothing I can really do about it. So, I may need to be extra thrifty. I haven’t done anything to where I should be fired or held accountable for anything, it’s just that I have a sense of doom and things haven’t been going that great at work lately overall – I get the feeling they are looking for scapegoats and my role may change. I may change jobs entirely if things go south. I’d rather have the stress of starting over somewhere new than the stress of having to do things at my current job I don’t like.

Anyway, enough of work talk. But like I said, activity might be low for at least this week. Some other stuff around the house to take care of as well.

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