The Once and Future Router

Back in 2015, I bought a new router…then I decided that I wanted to go in a different direction. The goal was to replace my Ryobi One+ trim router, and the Dewalt 611 was nice. But I decided to go with the Festool OF1010 instead. Why? Because it offered a slick way to get hardwood trimmed flush, and that’s what I needed to accomplish at the time.  So the Ryobi lived on, because there are some things you just need a smaller, lighter router for.

After using the Ryobi for the last two years and on, and on the new shop itself, it had begun to show signs of wear. The batteries more than the router, but I was having to stop and restart the router frequently to get through a project. The  thicker material was I needing to use it on was just too much for the aging battery system. It was finally time to replace it, and I decided to go with the same Dewalt 611 I had tried before.

I really liked the router when I bought it the first time. LEDs for great visibility, available dust collection attachments for the fixed and plunge base, precision depth control, available edge guides…it really is a premium compact router platform. I had bought the 611PK set, which was the fixed and plunge base. I had also ordered the dust collection for the fixed base, and the edge guide. I returned everything but the dust collection, as Amazon told me just to keep it. So, because of that, and the good impression it made on me before, I ordered it again at nearly the same price I had paid two years earlier. I also ordered the plunge base dust collection, but not the edge guide just yet.

I’m going to be really happy with this, and it should last me a very long time. With the dust collection, the Festool and Bosch 27mm hoses don’t perfectly fit the Dewalt adapter, but that’s where a Bosch vac adapter comes into play, the VAC003. This little adapter works for a ton of tools, including my Craftsman jigsaw and oscillating tool. I should order a couple more of these when they go on sale, and just keep them permanently attached to the tools they fit on.

This will probably be my last tool purchase of the year, this year has been pretty light in that regard if you don’t count tools to actually help me build the shop.

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