The planer problem

By far, this is the most troublesome piece of equipment in the shop. The planer itself works fine, it’s just that I’ve wrestled since I got it about where it should go. It’s funny that the larger tools I have don’t do this, but this does.

It came with this metal stand that almost, but not quite matched the planer. The colors were Ryobi, but the planer wasn’t quite secure on it. Took awhile, but I finally scrapped it last year. I built a flip-top stand, but it was never quite stable for my liking. When I thought I would be forced to buy a dust collector I built this big stand that served double duty as a separator. It’s too big, but I like the height.

So what’s a guy to do? I could try another flip-top, with the Ridgid OSS as the opposing tool to help balance it out. I could go to the other extreme, and make one that’s really low and would fit under the bench and table saw. I could do something in the middle, and have some storage underneath. I could make a stand with the planer on top, and the sander could slide out. I could make something low enough where it could slide under the countertop. I could make a cart where my dust separator or shop vac stows underneath.

I think I need to continue to find spots for other things before I tackle this, because I’m really hoping I can upgrade to the Dewalt 735x and whatever I do needs to be compatible with that.

To be continued…

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  1. Hi Eric, thanks for commenting. It's a great design, and one I would be looking at if I had a bit more room (the wings would be impossible to open inside). I had designed a full width miter cabinet for one wall, but you have made me pause and think about what I need more – permanent miter saw station or a permanent planer station.

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