The quilt ladder

Took on another secret project this week, this one a bit less involved but still with a deadline. It’s a quilt ladder, something to hang finished and in-progress quilts on and display. I’ll explain the process in-depth since it was a short one.

I took a board of wormy maple and jointed it then ripped it to about 3″ wide. I then trimmed the ends off to equal 6′ in length. I then adjusted the miter saw to a 5º cut and tested out the lean. Didn’t like it, so I increased to 10º and was happy. I ripped a board of 8/4 soft maple into 2″ sections, then turned each on it’s side for a 3/4″ cut. I then took the guard off the blade and made the tenons.

Since I knew my bottom angle was 10º, I transferred that angle to each of the steps. I measured up 2′ from the bottom, then 18″, then 12″ each for the top two. I marked about a half inch in from the front, then traced the outline of the tenons to make the mortises. I used three different size bench chisels for these, no drilling and no mortise chisels. I ran into some trouble where a knot was.  I sanded with 120-grit over all the pieces before I used some glue on the tenons and let it set up overnight.

The next day I wasn’t happy with the top of the legs, so I used some French curves and laid something out on the boards that was aesthetically pleasing. Note to self – do this before I glue it together next time. The jigsaw took out most of the waste, then the rest was taken care of on the spindle sander.

Once it was all squared away I finished with some Java gel stain and some gel poly. I’d like to get into spray finishes one day, I’m not happy with how some of this stuff blotches.

Sorry for the choppy post today, work is requiring more and more of my time (as you can tell by the lack of content).



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