The rainy season

In six months we have received more rain than we did all of last year. That’s insane. Not that we got a ton of rain last year, but we’re at quite the surplus so far over our 30-year adjusted totals. This has played a small role in not wanting to do very much in the shop. I’ve also been swamped with work, and I have had an onset of neck issues that have given me bouts of nasty headaches. None of which add up to a full and bountiful shop schedule. I’ve been focusing more on getting my home office (so to speak) improved upon, and there is some transition of the house into a home-school zone.

My purchases for the shop have decreased as well. Recently, I’ve only bought a white wheel for my grinder and a new face shield, both of which I have not even placed in the shop yet. I was going to purchase a new set of lathe chisels, but have held off because I know I won’t get much use out of them until the fall. I’m not sure how much of this is priorities changing or just a dissatisfaction with what I’m doing out there. It’s never a good feeling to think you’re wasting time, so perhaps that’s why I’ve not really felt like even heading out there.

What I do have a little bit of time to do is to write, think and plan. So, I think I should map out my next return to see what I would like to do.

There’s always some minor cleanup to do, and now is no different. I have some things out of place from the recent re-org and lathe placement. That gets first priority, along with lathe debris and dust vacuuming. The next thing I’d like to do is try to squeeze a few more inches of space by turning around the workbench. This will give me some butt room between the bench and the lathe, and the only downside will be that I will have to slightly move it when I want to pull the table saw out.

I will trim up all the drawers to where they function properly and level. Then I’d like to grab a sheet of plywood and cover the drawers and apply handles. That is past needed.

The next thing I’d like to tackle is a jig for sharpening the lathe tools. I’m going to try and make my own version of the Wolverine, but we’ll see how that turns out. Worst case, I go and buy the real deal.

Beyond that I have one other project to take care of, a rather large sign for the church. Still unsure of the dimensions.

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