The shop keeps coming along

With a slight change in my work schedule, I haven’t been able to get out to the shop during the week, and I forget to write about it as well. I, with the help of my BIL, did some work on the house last weekend, so not a lot got done in the shop.

But, that’s not to say things haven’t been accomplished.

I ordered my drawer hardware and it came in last Wednesday. So far I’ve made three drawer boxes complete with bottoms. The rest of the drawer sides are ready to go, but I ran out of 1/4″ plywood. The drawers have gone in fairly well thus far, except I seem to have misjudged the width by 1/2″. So a piece of 1/4″ ply went on both sides to bridge the gap. All three drawers are on the left side right now.

In the bottom drawer is the impetus for this whole drawer idea – air tools. I have my three air nailers standing up in one corner, with my impact gun, oils and accessories also in the drawer. The next drawer up currently has some random stuff, and the third drawer up has more of the same. When I head out there I’ll refresh my memory.

The upper cab face frame went together just like I wanted it to until it was time to attach it. I didn’t concentrate enough on making sure everything was square with the cab, so I couldn’t use biscuits. I also didn’t feel like taking it off the wall to use pocket screws. So I just simply attached it with a couple of screws through the surface for now. When I take the cab down to replace the walls I’ll do it the right way and fill in the screw holes.

Pictures to come a bit later.

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