The silly season

Unfortunately, I never made it out to the shop this week. Work, school, that sort of thing. I had to make a two-hour drive up to school to find out that my graduation semester is moving up to after Spring, so that was nice. Unfortunately, that did mean my entire Friday went to waste. I haven’t decided when I’ll restart things once this round of school is done. I was thinking of perhaps taking a year off. Or at least a couple of semesters. It’s been a grind, and I’m due a break. Things will also sort of depend on what the work situation is as well.

Speaking of work, ICD-10 launched on Thursday, so I get to spend at least the better part of this upcoming week on-site, which means no shop or free time for a second week. Hopefully after two or three days I can return to my normal routine. Since I can’t have TV or games on while I work to keep my concentration up, I may resort to rambling. I am considering doing a bit of writing about some topics that I already have. It’s an easy way for me to not zone out, thinking about things like a dream shop, upcoming purchases or upcoming projects. Then again, my full concentration may need to be on the new code set. I get burned out doing that, so hopefully I can divide my thoughts and keep myself fresh. If I do get a chance to write, I haven’t decided if I will publish. I can get real disjointed really fast when I write in multiple sessions.

One project I’ve thought of over the last week is a stemware rack where the fridge used to be before the remodel. I’ve come to enjoy the occasional margarita, had to get the proper vessels, and now they need a home. I’ve seen a good design that I will copy, one that has the holders angled to better fit the bottom of the stems. A bit more work than my original thought, but it’s worth it. No decision on the material; I probably have the soft maple to do it, but perhaps I want a darker wood? 

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