The slippery slope

I’m trying to make a controlled descent. The fact remains, however, that I enjoy using what limited hand tools I have. When I say limited, I really mean it. I have what passes for a #3 plane, a Stanley I bought from Lowe’s last year. And early this year I added a Groz #5 and a Groz block plane. That’s pretty much it if you don’t include screwdrivers, saws and the sort.

It’s not that I don’t also like my powered tools. Like them a lot, in fact, but there’s something to be said for simply picking up a tool, making a couple of passes, and being done. No massive amounts of sawdust, just a few shavings that are easily swept up. I was particularly reminded of their handiness when I was working on a project from the RED toolbox line last week. The directions called for hand cutting some pieces in half, then using a file to even it all up. After using a file for a couple of minutes and going nowhere I thought…wait, why am I using a file? I have a block plane. A couple of passes with it later, I was done. Huge difference. Work done in seconds versus what probably would have been a half-hour. I feel bad for anyone who followed those directions to a ‘T’.

So, like all things that are fun, I want more of them. So I decided to add two more planes to the collection today, a #3 and #4 Groz. There’s a bit of duplication there and with the Stanley, but more is better, right? I’m also continuing to look at any antique stores, as flea markets or yard sales are hard for me to attend on the weekends. Found an antique store up the road that I’m going to check out presently to see if they have any tools. I’m also going to see if HF still has their spokeshaves. The tools themselves are rumored to be crap, but it would help me plan out my tool case.

Speaking of which, I haven’t even started looking at that in-depth. I’ll have a post dedicated to just that at some point.


EDIT (1551): Struck out at the antique stores and at HF. Antique stores treat old tools like they are gold shelf weights. HF has discontinued their spokeshaves, as best I can tell. Will attempt to find a flea market tomorrow, but odds are not good.

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