The Sonny-Do List – 2017

Everyone is aware of the term “honey-do list.” It’s items that the spouse gives to accomplish things around the house, errands, etc. Well, I have what I like to call a “sonny-do list,” named because they are things I want myself and perhaps my son to accomplish. Since a lot of calendars include December in the following year, you have the title of this thread, and when it is being posted.

These things are home improvement items, in the same vein as what the last post was about. I have another list or two about woodworking, so if you want to check those out you are dismissed and check back soon.

On the list first is networking. I hope to get my internet situation sorted out later today (up: done), and I’ll be looking at 2017 to get things sorted out on a permanent basis. I plan on running Cat5e (what I already have on hand, and plenty for my needs) from my networking nook in the bedroom office to the living room entertainment center, and potentially to our kitchen computer. Really all it entails is running the line to each spot, drilling through the floor and bottom of the wall, the rest is easy. Just takes effort.  On a related note, I want to clean up my coax runs. They both go through the floor instead of the wall, and they need to be secured to the bottom of the floor joists along their runs.

I have some high and low voltage outlets to install. Our kitchen computer sits on the counter, and there’s a desk section that it could be mounted to the wall under the counter. Just needs an outlet, and a low-power junction that could run audio and video. Would make things much nicer out there, and that’s also where I would run ethernet if I can access that spot under the house. In fact, this could be a project I take care of sooner rather than later, because besides the actual outlet, I have everything else on hand. I ordered the VGA and 3.5mm plates several years ago. Today might be a day taking stock and seeing if anything is missing.

I also need to do basically the same thing for two of my TV locations. The bedroom HDTV is already up on the wall, and I need to figure out how things like the bluray player and Apple TV are going to be stowed for use. Perhaps a shelf under the TV attached to the wall? Could do a small floating shelf if my outlets are done correctly. The living room HDTV is still on the TV stand, but I want to do the prep work in getting it up on the wall, or its successor. I also have speaker connections that I would like to run in the wall, if I can figure out a way to access the other side of the living room. Eliminating speaker wire from being on the floor would be a nice addition to the list, but structure challenges might mean this doesn’t get accomplished.

I want to add one more external outlet at the very least, under the carport. This would allow me to easily run the vacuum cleaner that is there, plus run the air compressor if it gets wheeled down, or basically anything else. Battery tender comes to mind, or spot lights for detailing. Another outlet on the back would be good, however I run into issues with almost all of them being either on kitchen or bathroom circuits. There are a few outlets around the house where adding USB power would be nice.

Basically, the entire list up to this point involves running wire. However, there are some real big projects that I at least need to price out or start on as well. The entire house needs soffit and eave replacement. A project of this scope scares me, but perhaps it can be done in stages. The gutters either need to be replaced with leaf solutions, or have them installed. When they come down for the eave and soffit replacement, this would be an excellent time. As part of this, the eave that makes up the porch ceiling also needs to be replaced, and so does the carport ceiling. That last part would need to be done after the leak issue around the chimney gets resolved, because there is a slow but gradual leak when it rains heavily. I’m not sure the ceiling in the carport gets done in 2017, but it is possible. At that time I would run additional wiring to install additional lighting. Some LED smart pot lights might be a good choice. Something that could do geofencing, motion, and a timer.

The windows need to start being replaced, and unlike most scenarios I think we would work on the bedroom windows before we did street-facing ones. Just more practical, and a lower upfront cost. I need to install a new fan in our hall bath, and one in our master bath. Both need to be exhausted through the roof somehow. Cutting holes in my roof scares me a lot too. Speaking of the master bath, I need to run a spur HVAC line and install a vent.

Our hall bathroom needs a makeover, but I think that’s going to be something for a contractor to take care of. It’s a small space, and I could get the job done, but there is some cracking in the floor tile, and I don’t want that potential headache. The roof holes might be taken care of professionally as well, even though I think ultimately that is something I will do. Attic access is tough.

There are more things to do that involve woodworking as a more primary focus, but those are left for their own entries.


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