The South Wall revealed – take two


Ignore the tool cubbies on the right, those will be an as-I-go thing, but it was to get a general idea. Sawhorses on far right, hardware totes next to that under the miter saw. Next bay is regular drawers. Below the planer and above the sander is open. Router table gets moved slightly inward, as a test drive today made it uncomfortable against the wall. The bay next to the east wall is the sockets and the rest is open. Plenty of storage in this design.

Considering actually using 100# undermount drawer slides under the planer for strength, since it will stick out a decent amount. Two bolts with inserts will lock it in place once it clears the miter fence. As for the miter fence, I’ll come up with a little something to slide into the planer cavity for measurements that hit that 2′ sweet spot that the regular fence won’t be there for.

That’s basically it. I like it, it’s happening. May have to wait until the week after the Super Bowl, and let the finances keep coming up. But I’ll most likely be using cabinet grade plywood from either Home Depot or my local yard, whichever is cheaper. I haven’t run Cutlist on all the cabinet pieces to see how many sheets I’ll need, but I imagine it will be three or four. Kick in another sheet to redo the router table, a sheet of 1/2″ for the cubbies and at least one sheet of hardboard and it’s not a cheap project. Oh yeah, did I mention the drawers?

What I may do to defray costs is to do it a little bit at a time, although getting the sheets home is the major hassle. I think the first thing that will have to be built is the main right assembly that holds the miter saw and planer. I can then build the left cabinet and tie it together. At least I can disassemble the DC cart and use it for some shorter pieces like cabinet floors or ceilings.

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