The summer of my discontent

I’m sure Will won’t mind me taking dramatic license with his work. I aspire to only be as tenth as talented with wood as he was with words.

I am frustrated with a number of things right now, prime among them the dark realization of my inability to accomplish anything right now. I went on vacation, and while I immensely enjoyed it, I am left with a bad sunburn on my legs which makes it near impossible to walk. My appearances in the workshop will be limited to short cleanup and battery charging ones.

That, however is only one of my concerns. Here in the South, summer can be downright expensive. My electric bills are going to eat a lot of money that could otherwise be spent on the shop. Combine that with certification dues and ad valorum bills, and money is beyond scarce. I can continue to add chisels at a small pace, but projects like the tool cabinet or large sheet goods purchases don’t compute in the current climate.

So, I must try to soldier on as best I can under the conditions. The next few weeks are going to be low on actual content and high on theory. I’m hoping to add chisels on average of about one a week while sacrificing other purchases. That will be hardm when HD has reduced their Ryobi One+ battery pricing. The remaining bench chisels and mortise chisels, along with a few squares are my priority. Naturally, that means no real projects for awhile, unless I have the materials are on hand. I’ll try to keep content fresh and not rehash my upcoming projects too much, but it might be unavoidable. I’m going to start looking at Sketchup designs for my tool cabinet, plus get into workbench theory and design.

I hope you’ll stick around through these salad days.

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