The Sysport Boom Arm

In my old shop (pictured above), the height of the ceiling rafters was seven feet. Inconvenient in all but one area – hanging my hose for the Festool CT Midi. I has able to screw in a beefy hose/ladder/etc hanger directly into the rafter and was able to keep my hose out of the way. Well, with eight foot ceilings and a mobile cart, these weren’t solutions anymore. So, I set out to craft a solution.

I debated having solutions that tied into the wall or ceiling, but with my space, cutting longer boards requires me to move the MFT around to get a better location. So, I needed a solution that was self-contained to the MFT and moved with it. I decided on PVC to begin with, attaching the vertical portion to the MFT rails with a T-bolt. Unfortunately, this setup proved to flimsy and bounced around too much for my liking. It would cost more, but I needed to go with a sturdier support.

I used 1/2″ pipe instead. A floor fitting would attach to the rear of the MFT sysport, but it did mean that I had to move the support to the right side of the saw rail. I used a 90 fitting from the floor mount to a 48″ long piece of pipe. Then another 90 degree fitting to a 36″ piece, and that was capped off. I’ll go back later and use thread lock to keep a couple of those fittings from moving, but I do want the top portion to be able to pivot about 180 degrees. I attached the sleeved hose to the pipe assembly at two points with the same heat shrink I used to cap the ends of the sleeve. I’ll come back later and attach the end a bit more securely, and put on a clip so that I can loop the end back out of the way.

This cost about $45, and only took about thirty minutes to put together how I want it, and I figure it needs about another 15 minutes or so of thread locking most of it, attaching the end securely, and attaching a clip. One of the best, and easiest additions to the shop I’ve ever done and I should have done both this and the sysport years ago.


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