The trade

I use this site to post about things not directly related to woodworking or my shop. That has been tech and games, but sports is a huge part of my personality as well. Those two meet today.

I’ve been playing a lot of MLB the Show 15, and just finished up my third season on their Road to the Show career mode. I love the Braves, and as such that is the only team I ever create a player for. Well, the Braves have gone in tank mode in real life, so it’s been a hard season. For the last two virtual seasons, so have the digital counterparts. 22 and 29 games back after making the playoffs my rookie year (I advanced from AA to MLB in a couple months). Even as I was putting up ridiculous numbers (easy settings, I love offense), I just got traded after the 2017 season. To the Angels. My usual reaction in past years would be to start another profile, but this time was different. Once the shock wore off, I decided it would be a nice change of pace. See different stadiums, set different milestones (I’m a nerd and keep track of stats and stadiums I’ve homered in. I don’t know why). I’m only on a one year contract, so I’ll play the 2018 season and decide what I want to do. For the first time, I may choose not to play for the Braves. I may play Harvey Wallbanger up in Boston. I know there are teams I would choose not to go to. I do know I want to try and hit a home run in every single stadium. Because that sort of thing is fun. All the NL parks are taken care of, but most of the AL needs to be conquered outside the East. I’m a bit neutral on the Angels. Not a team I actively hate, so that’s nice. At least it wasn’t an NL rival or the Yankees.

To sorta bring it back to real life, I’m not wavering on my support of the Braves. It may be a tough season, but this is my team. This year is lost, so I hope a long-suffering team like the Cubs finally break through. Boston in 2004 was a fantastic story, even though they’ve since become insufferable. I just don’t want one of the big rivals to succeed. Sue me.

I’m looking forward to the 2017 edition of the game, since it will include our new stadium. Unless the 2016 edition adds something amazing, I may just ride out this version and see if I can make the Hall of Fame.

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