The TV is dead. Long live the TV.

For some, it’s a distraction. For me, though, it’s essential. TV. I haven’t had a traditional TV arrangement for years, but then again these days what is traditional? I stream whatever I need, be it YouTube, other video sources, or digital TV services.

I bought a small TV back in February 2015 (Lights! Camera! Action!), and have really enjoyed having it available. It went out once before, but it turned out it was just the wrong power supply after moving things around. Unfortunately yesterday, all on it’s own, it died for real. Because I enjoy having it so much, an immediate search was launched for a replacement. While it was no slouch, particularly for what I paid for it, it was a bit small and didn’t have great viewing angles. My replacement search consisted of one requirement: cheap. I found an open-box 19″ model from Best Buy for $58, and that size would approximately match my monitor. I thought about going to 24″ and combining uses, but I didn’t feel like swapping inputs each time I wanted to look at the computer.

I did take the opportunity to move it closer to the WiFi source, and moved the computer to the same spot. That will keep the monitor alive longer versus having it right above the miter saw. I’ll need to find a permanent spot if this one doesn’t work as well. Directly above the workbench might work one day.

I also finally switched out the keyboard for one that was much nicer to use and a touchpad.

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