The unplanned gift

I presented my dining room table to my wife over a year ago and we’ve been enjoying it ever since. However, it had started to become a collection of things. Namely homeschool things. I needed more shelves in the area. We have an old bookshelf that has seen better days, through floods and moves. It is also full. So my plan was to replace it twice over with two sets of bookshelves from IKEA. Unfortunately they seem to have a stock problem with the kind we wanted…for several months. Plus chipboard furniture really is kind of lame as a present. So, very early in the morning the day before the gift was due I came up with a mental sketch of what I wanted to do.

I was going to build what amounts to a sideboard, a low long cabinet. To maximize cost effectiveness, I put it at four feet long and 15″ wide. I was able to build the cabinet out of one sheet of ply. The legs are soft maple to match the dining table. I was on a very compressed schedule but it came out great. Some screw holes to fill, some trim and doors plus stain and it will be complete. There is a shelf on each side, adjustable to eight positions. The cabinet sits about six inches off the floor. The legs were made via a stopped rabbet and wrapped around the corners. I suppose the top also needs to be done as well. I am just needing the trim wood for it.

I may do a proper write-up on this again when it is completely done. As you can see, though, it is already being put to good use.


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