The value of good service

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a temperature unit for my workshop so that I could see the minimum and maximum temps recorded in my shop when I wasn’t there. This was to be a valuable tool for me to see if the workshop ever reached or went below freezing. I could take that information and make any corrections to prevent finishes, waxes or glues from going bad by freezing. So, the item arrived in a good time frame and I opened it up. I got basically what I ordered, except it was the wrong color.

In the big picture, this wasn’t a really big deal. The unit works fine (although can be a bit hard to read due to glare – I need to put it up in a spot not opposite a window), it was just the wrong color. Instead of black I got a silver unit with a little pattern. Fine, no problem. I left average seller feedback, as I thought it was fair because I technically didn’t receive what I ordered.

Well, I got a call today from the company offering to refund my purchase. On top of that, I am getting some money to spend on Amazon for my troubles. This blew me away. Normally I would probably accept the refund of the item and call it a day, but well…this time of the year it is a Christmas gift or donation I can otherwise make. I just wish Amazon would let me give new feedback for the encounter, but I will have to settle for writing my op-ed here. I don’t know if I’ll have anything that I need that they will carry, since this purchase was a bit outside of my normal shopping habits, but I know I will go out of my way in the future to explicitly purchase from them if they do carry something.

So, Tax Free Distributors on Amazon…you’ve earned a fan today. If more companies would even do half of what you did in ensuring my satisfaction, they could benefit a lot.



I was not compensated for writing this blog post.

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