The Weekender – 3/3/14

I’m kind of bored coming up with titles for my weekend activities.

As posted previously, I started on the router table, getting the top roughed out and ready for a carcass. I had considered picking up one sheet of ply and using scrap to fill in, however I had some reservation on timing, space and funds so I passed on starting on it this weekend. I’m not really sure when I’ll get started on it at this point. There is widespread rain forecast for this week, next week I will have no free time, and my weekends are rapidly filling up with extracurricular activities.

The part of the MSS I removed from the shop last week was taken down late Sunday evening in advance of this morning’s rain. I salvaged the four sets of drawer slides, and even all the plywood panels I used for it seemed to be in good enough shape that I think I can reuse them. All the stringers and the hardboard top were disposed of. I’ll square up the ends of the panels this week to see what sizes I’m looking at. I don’t think I can get enough to make the router table with, mostly because the length of the table is prohibitive. There’s a chance if I make the router cavity very shallow, but I also need to take into account dust collection. My drawers need a cavity that is 14″ wide, so that means I’m already at 15.5″ before I start measuring for the router. I believe my panels are only good for about 28″ or so. It could be done, but it leaves a big overhang in front of the router where all of my pieces would sit on unsupported MDF, not to mention a miter channel that would further weaken it. I at least want to have that miter channel supported. No T-tracks for me because they fill with dust too often. Using these pieces for systainer storage could be a worthy endeavor, though.

On the same vein I disassembled the old sander cabinet. I put the systainers and the manual container under it and the trash can in front of all that. The hardware cabinet was attached to the wall and it is still there suspended above. I have two black T-Loc 3s coming in a few weeks, I have no idea what I’m going to do with them both inside and out. The only remaining item that needs to be disassembled is the old vac cabinet that has the tool chest on top. That should be ready to go this week after I clear off the remaining tools and screws that have accumulated. Once that is done I will start figuring out for certain where the tall tools will go, and if I will need to move the large wall cabinet.

One final thing that did get accomplished was the top to the sideboard cabinet is now complete. I had glued up the trim a couple of weeks ago, and Saturday I set the new router table up temporarily (on the trash can) and used a flush trim bit to make it nice. This was the same bit I used on the dining table, but my efforts were well rewarded here. The very few bits of cracks between the trim and the plywood was filled with some sawdust and glue. My miters are bang-on perfect, thanks to taking the time to set the miter saw up correctly. I put a roundover on both surfaces, and I’ve been requested to round the corners because of little ones. It turned out great. Next up on that project is trim on the ends.

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