The workshop of things

There’s a popular phrase called The Internet of Things, and while this post has no relation I find the phrase to be interesting. In my case, my workshop is like an assortment of things, with the only real relation to each other is that they exist mostly to do woodwork, and they reside in my workshop. This is my own personal list of things, and where I think they should find a home at. I will be periodically updating this list as I figure things out, or at least convince myself that I’ve figured them out.

Starting clockwise from the door:

  • Ear, Eye and Lung protection along with a minor first aid kit. Currently in an open, shallow cabinet on wall near door. Future status – undetermined. Options – keep in cabinet, move to drawer.
  • Scrap shelves. Currently along left wall near door. Future status – on wall, obviously, just which wall over what. Options – any wall not otherwise occupied.
  • Scrap corner. A bunch of plywood and hardwood piled near door. Future status – need to cull and find a new home, if possible. It will depend on how much I choose to keep.
  • Sander/tool cabinet. I like this one, it’s a cabinet for my OSS, socket/wrench set and a drawer for drill bits. Future status – probably redone. I love the concept, however it needs a back to stabilize it. Could be kept, possibly in another spot. Could be scrapped and individual items find different homes. The sander, especially the rod, take up a lot of dead space. Could the planer go here?
  • Battery chargers. The Ryobi ones are wall-mountable, and could really go anywhere. I’d prefer them to not be next to the window or immediately next to the door. Future status – one of the true examples of ‘I don’t care’ because as long as it can reach an outlet they can be an afterthought. Rarely used chargers should really go in a drawer until needed. Where they are now isn’t a problem.
  • Plane till. Just put up next to the wall cabinet. Future status – may find a new purpose as a flame-retardant cabinet for finishes, however I’m happy as-is. Could be mounted on the wall anywhere or possibly placed under bench. Height may interfere with holdfasts.
  • Wall cabinet. Holds finishes, rags, glue and other small things. Future status – will eventually morph into multiple smaller cabinets, but for now can hold anything that is otherwise odd. Getting rid of wall cabinets completely would allow me to build or buy more scrap shelves.
  • Miter saw bench. This requires it’s own post.
  • Hand saw storage. Currently it’s just a magnetic strip attached to the wall. Future status – a till will be made and mounted to the wall.
  • Hammer/mallet storage. Currently it’s a 2×4′ with slots attached to a French Cleat. Future status – may get redone eventually, but it works fine as-is.
  • Various other storage. Finger clamps, chisels, files and assorted other things mark the back wall. The chisels that are on the wall will be tossed, and the files will be stored with the good chisels. I’m not sure I want to throw all my pliers in a drawer, but I otherwise have no good idea. Keeping some storage like that on the wall isn’t a problem.
  • The workbench. It is what it is, and isn’t leaving. Future status – it needs to be finished, and I’ll have it in some orientation. I’m hoping the chisel cabinet will fit under, otherwise it will hold scrap for the time being.
  • The lathe. The lathe is another tool that can only go a few places thanks to it’s height and length. Future status – I will be building a storage cabinet for it to sit on that will provide a spot for the lathe tools and hopefully a few other things to store.
  • The dovetail jig. Something fairly small that needs to find a home put away on a shelf or a drawer. Currently sitting on the lathe. Future status – build it a new base and find it a permanent home.
  • Clamp racks. No real issue here. Future status – keeping, might move if needed.
  • Jointer. While it’s possible I could put it on a mobile stand to decrease the footprint and possibly change the height, I doubt it. Future status – it is what it is.
  • Bandsaw. Another is-what-it-is tool. Could put wheels on it to make it mobile or turn it. Future status – just where it will sit.
  • Planer. This is the heaviest tool I have that would potentially be lifted from two different levels. The last thing I want to do is to have to lift it even one more time, but at the same time I have to realize that it being on a cart might not be the best use of space. Future status – it will get upgraded to a DW734 one day if I’m lucky, but I still need to come up with something. I’d love to have it right next to the door.
  • Table saw. Currently trying to figure out to have a wide table or not. Future status – completely unknown. Not sure if I will shorten the rails back up, keep the saw, anything. Biggest unknown in the shop.
  • Router table. I’d like to have one back. The experiment with the top attached to the table saw hasn’t worked out to this point. The smartest solution is to keep it there, but it may not be practical. Future status – I’d love to combine a near-full size router table and an assembly table that the grinder, the dovetail jig or anything else could sit on and be attached to while being used. That said, the workbench could do all that, minus be the router table.

That’s about it for the things on the floor. The walls, everything else can be switched around if need be. I’ll go into another post with the miter saw cabinet and what is in the drawers.

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