Thein cyclone – one week update

I’ve been working on cleaning up the shop a bit, and I started a project the other day that I unfortunately can’t talk about right now (but will soon). This created an opportunity for me to test out the new cyclone and put it through it’s paces for an average project. I jointed, planed ripped and crosscut some soft maple plus some white birch ply, plus cleaned up a bit of dust and debris that was lying around after the cyclone was done. Mostly larger chips, but some fine dust as well.

While I was using the table saw, on the larger cuts, I had a significant amount of fine dust on the floor under the saw after I was done. I will have to investigate the downfall here, but I contribute some of it due to the height of the boards I was cutting – difficult to get all the dust off the top of the table with the guard up high. For the jointer, I simply vac’ed up after I was done each time, and I had the vac hooked directly up to the planer today. In respect to the planer, using the old short table saw lead from the old separator worked well and most of the chips went into the can and there was little to vac off the floor. Very pleased, as that is my messiest tool normally. If I can create a chute for the jointer, I’ll be living large.

With trash day up coming, I decided to empty the can today and see what my results were. The can was probably about half full (15-18 gallons or so), but was nearing the lower shelf of the cyclone, so it was time to empty. I’ll take emptying the can once a week or so versus having to empty the bucket a couple times a day in some cases. As a curiosity, I also pulled the vac and checked the container.



I’m impressed. Nothing in the vac at all after a week. With the old system I’d undoubtedly have some blow-by, and risk suffocating the filter. As for the filter, it does have a bunch of dust on it. I should look into replacing this shortly, I’m considering a HEPA CleanStream washable filter. Just a couple bucks more than the Ridgid version, I think it could be a good investment.

If you were still on the fence after the last entry, this one should make you go get your materials soon. For under $50 (can included) you can make your own separator that is cheaper and has smore capacity than alternatives in the marketplace. Highly recommended.

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