Thinking ahead

I don’t know if the current layout is the last one I’ll have in this shop, but I’m finished agonizing over it. At least in general terms. Now the focus turns to maximizing the efficiency of the new layout.

To maximize space, I need to modify my miter saw stand. It will go from being cart-based to being wall-based, with the router table sliding underneath. What this means is the socket drawer, the odds and ends drawer, and the jigsaws have to find a new home. The socket set is most likely going to be put in a cabinet that will be built to go under the workbench. The space there is being underutilized with scrap, so it will be a better choice. I have the outside measurements now, and I’m determining what can and will be stored here. I had some thoughts about putting chisels down here.

I outgrew my parallel clamp rack with the last Jet order, so a new rack is due. It is already designed, I just need to have some plywood long enough to get it done. It’s possible I have a piece that would work, but I’m going to include it in the next pickup. The rack is right at four feet long, so it will hold 23 clamps – that capacity should last me for years (I’m at 14 now).

The planer stand will get a revamp, probably down the road. I was never that fond of the flipping action, and I’d like a bit more stable surface. Making a regular stand will also allow me to orient the planer such that the outfeed table can remain in the down position all the time. The chip port prevents it from folding up, and the infeed table folds up just fine. I don’t know if the sander will remain on the planer stand, or in an effort to improve space, will go up on a shelf over the miter saw. I’m really saving this for down the road, there are more important tasks.

My router table might have developed a bow on a support panel. I have to investigate this to see if it can be fixed, or if I want to. I still need to build drawers specific to the table, versus still having the old drawers from the miter saw stand plunked in there. So, there’s a project there no matter what the result is.

The walls need to be finished, and I’ll be taking on that task whenever I buy the next round of plywood. I need two or three sheets, and it’s a cheap add-on to the ply and the transportation if I’m already going. Finally taking care of these last bits on the inside will open up new storage opportunities in that corner, like putting some heavy objects that aren’t used a lot, and this has to be done before the miter saw stand project, because I’m going to cantilever it off the wall. Can’t do that with the 1/4″ ply up there now.

I may be headed up to a Restore to look for a replacement window. I don’t want to spend too much money on it, but the window I have is in obvious need of replacement. If I don’t find one used, I may justify a new one by telling myself that it could be used in the new building. Which, it obviously can.

If I continue to enjoy the saw layout, and more specifically the router on the saw, I will probably redo the router insert to match the freestanding router table.

Finally, once at least the miter saw stand is done, and that space is freed up, it will be at last time for the systainer storage. I hate that it has to wait, because it is my most anticipated project. It will be a most useful project, but it can’t be first.

As a bonus, during my free time while I’m stuck at the computer, I am planning out what the new shop will be. Once I have a good visual representation, I will post it up.

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