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I’m in the shop right now and thought I needed to assess where I was and where I needed to go, respective of layout. I figured here was as good a place as any.

On the west wall I am limited by my decision to keep the lawnmower and golf equipment in the shop. I know that ultimately the golf equipment will have to go. Those could easily go downstairs with little ill effect. The mower will have to stay until the point where I obtain a riding version. So, I’ll ignore that corner for now. my halogen work light could fit between the window and the golf clubs…

In the NW corner is my plastic shelving unit and assorted long stock. The plan is to put a stock shelving unit on the wall and reclaim the floor space underneath. This is probably where the router table will be stowed, and possibly a mobile version of a planer cart. Still thinking about the design of that, but once done I can toss the old stand which takes up way too much room. Board scrap will hug the N wall next to the door.

The south wall is replaced with OSB, but the cleat system still isn’t finished. With my new cabinets and drawers, I may only need one more section. In fact, I know I only need one more section on that wall. The only other things there I want fast access to are the rest of the cordless tools, and safety equipment. I will keep either the drill press or the bandsaw on that wall, and the other will move to the NE corner (maybe). The tall white automotive cab will be replaced with two wall units. I think my old work table with vise will relocate to the SE corner, under the original cleats. Will have to move the vise. The table saw will probably go in front of the window.

The east wall is pretty much set aside from replacing the wall. The clock will go to the SE corner and I will work a bit on better using the wall space. I think the drill press will go to the NE corner and I will make the wall behind/next to it hold all my drilling stuff.

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