Thinking out loud

As it’s my blog, I think I’ll allow it.

I’m thinking about doing a French cleat system along one of the walls, and I need to do some calculations here.

The mating sections are 5″ wide, combined. My wall is approximately 12′ long, and 7′ wide. I should probably start the top row 3″ from the top.

Using those calculations, one full row of cleats would use approximately 15.5″
(accounting for a 1/8″ kerf), and about six rows from a full sheet of plywood.

The truth is, I will get much more than that because I don’t need to mate the whole wall. One sheet of plywood should be plenty for all the wall cleats and for what I want to hang. For what I want to hang, I’ll need a sheet of 1/2″ ply. Since I haven’t fully formulated what I need hung, I don’t know how much I’ll need.

While I’m there, I may go ahead and pick up another sheet of 3/4″ in case I want to redo my router cabinet.

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