Three day weekend

I hope those of you who were able to enjoy it did. And I hope you remembered why we have it. My time in was very short, but I’ll always remember it and remember how it changed me.

I attempted to remake my planer cart, but discovered I had a dearth of unmolested 3/4″ plywood in which to do it. I may attempt it anyway. with leftover sheets from the old cabinet. These have dados routed for what I wanted to be shelves, but I could make them work. The only problem with this is that it weakens the structure of the cart, one that needs to not be weakened with the top-heavy nature, and the fact that it will be moving around as needed. The problem is the tape.

When someone tells you to get carpet tape, and doesn’t explain what to get, ask someone else. I asked what to buy on a message board awhile back and was told any carpet tape would do. So I bought one I could find, this one:


Don’t make this same mistake.

This tape I bet is awesome on carpet. I bet it’s great for other uses as well. I know the next time I want to secure something to a wall – like a car – I’m using this stuff.

The problem comes when it’s time to separate the pieces. If they are going to be permanently affixed, it’s one thing. But this should never be used on pieces that will need to be separated or finished. Because after some tedious pulling and scraping, this is what you are left with:

20120530-085414.jpgI am currently exploring my options.

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