Throwback Thursday

I don’t typically do these, in some part because I always forget. I decided to make an effort today, though. I’ve been looking through the posts from my first year documenting the shop. Or, what is now the shop rather. It is weird looking back on what was going on then and think of it as the same place.

This is back when this picture pretty much contained the entirety of my tools. That is amazing to think. The table there is my first router table. This picture was taken on March 8, 2010. All of my tools, think about that. While I still have most of the things in this picture, some stuff has moved on, and most of the rest is no longer really used. That was my first router table, built a couple months before. Check out the carpet and curtains.

So, 2015 is both the five year anniversary of the website (now on it’s third iteration) and really of my woodworking journey. I can’t decide if I’ve made quick or slow progress, but progress has been made. I couldn’t have foreseen the challenges and successes. I certainly couldn’t have imagined I’d have a TV!

I’m really hoping that after a bit more minor cleanup in the shop (scrap), I’ll be able to get down to the business of actually making things again. There are a lot of items on the agenda, both in the shop and in the house.

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