Throwback Thursday

For the Twitter users out there, TBT is a popular hashtag. I went through all the pictures in my Photobucket account yesterday, and it is a visual history of my workshop from the beginning. From the pantry, my first project, to the new router table top. Sometimes it’s interesting to see just where I’ve come from.

I’m sharing two pictures today. One is from sometime in 2010, the other is yesterday.

You can see how far I’ve come.

Yesterday was one of the rare weekday outings to the shop. I wanted to move some stuff around and see what my space limitations are. Something that has and is causing headaches is the footprint of the jointer. It has a large trapezoidal prism for a stand, and the fence adjustment lever sticks out a ridiculous distance to the rear. The table adjustment levers limit what I can store underneath the infeed or outfeed. The jointer is also too wide to fit sideways along the left wall, intruding into the walkway space. The HTC mobile base also increases the footprint, with the wheels on the outside. I’m wondering if I can add stem casters to where the leveling feet are.

As you can see from the second picture, I also moved the bandsaw to the left wall, at least temporarily. The ultimate goal would to have most of that back wall available to set up an MFT against. I don’t know if it will happen, but I’m hopeful. The sheets of ply that made up the partitions of the old MSS and the drawers are visible laying around. You can also see I relocated the fire extinguisher (again, temporarily) because the miter saw (front, left) would hit it when pushed up against the wall.

The next step? I still want to disassemble that cabinet in the far back left. I’ve cleared almost everything off of it, and almost did the deed yesterday. Perhaps today. I know both of the sides could be reused in some capacity. I’m chomping at the bit to build both the router table and the systainer cabinets.

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